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7" RHD Chrome Headlamp Kit

Product ID: EXT1001

Designed to enhance a wide range of Land Rovers with a simple and sleek design, the 7” headlights provide exceptional road coverage at night and during poor weather conditions with the addition of the LED bulbs.

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LED lights provide much better road coverage and more energy efficient than the standard Halogen lights, where the LED Bulbs draw 15 to 18 watts of power, the Halogen bulbs draw 55 to 65 watts.

See the diagram below for the comparison of the LED headlamp beam compared to the Halogen beam. 

They are also a legal requirement in many countries.


  • They require less power to operate
  • LED require very little maintenance
  • These headlamps enhance the road safety because of clear illumination
  • LED lamps have very high service life compared to other types of headlamps
  • They enhance the styling of the vehicle
  • LED's put less strain on the eyes of the driver
  • 2800 LM@30W ON LOW BEAM
  • 4450 LM@48W ON HIGH BEAM


  • 2 Chrome RHD Black Headlamps