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Defender Front Pair (LT77 & R380 and 2007 onwards)

Product ID: EXT017-2

Defender Front Pair (LT77 & R380 upto 2007)

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Defender Front Pair (LT77 , R380 upto 2007 & the Puma TDCi 2007 onwards).

We hope you find the handy tips in this fitting guide useful and if you are unsure you can always contact us for further guidance. The kit isn’t complicated to fit, it does however require a little bit of patients. To install, simply drop the mat into place and make sure which section you need to remove depending on your vehicle type before you cut the mat.

A good old fashioned guide is measure twice cut once!!


Once you have selected the panel to be removed, then cut along the outer raised edge (not the inner) as you need the raised edge to help to trap and dirt and grime on the mat. Shown above is the removal of the main section to convert the mats from fitting LT77 gearbox type to R380 & TDCi


Either a sharp knife or a pair of decent scissors

If you are using a sharp knife then a hard surface to cut onto will be a good aid.

  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Chequer plate finish with oval logo
  • Will fit either left or right hand drive
  • lowered area for throttle pedal clearance
  • Raised edge border to keep in mud and grime
  • The Defender front floor mats are supplied in pairs
  • Will fit all Defenders. 200Td, 300Tdi, Td5 & Tdci (Puma)
  • Can be cleaned with water and detergent do not use an abrasive brush
  • When placing in the drivers foot well of a 200Td (RH Drive LT77) a gap remains between the tunnel and the mat of about one and a half inch