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Red 95mm LED Fog Lamp

Product ID: EXT1005

A rear LED fog light is a useful upgrade for your Land Rover. When travelling through thick fog, having a LED lamp would be beneficial as the blubs are brighter and reach further than standard halogen bulbs.

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LED fog lamps provide exceptional lighting power at less cost and offer better visibility when driving in the dark. They enlighten roads so you can easily detect pedestrians, broken roads, bumps, animals or other kinds of road blockage. Adequate lighting is essential for safe driving, and since the fog lights of a car are decisive in emergencies, it is highly advisable for drivers to pick the best quality available. 


  • Provide exceptional lighting
  • Better visibility on unlighted roads and poor weather conditions 
  • Cost efficient 
  • Gives out a straight and bright beam of light in poorly lit roads
  • Gives you comfort when travelling on dark roads
  • Soothes your eyes as you do not have to strain them as much 


  • 1 Red 95mm LED Fog Lamp