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Forward Facing Loc & Fold L/H – Oxford Tan Vinyl Vault

Product ID: EXT053-VLTOT-LH


Introducing the new Vault Loc & Fold trim...

Inspired by the natural shapes of the rugged environment of Exmoor’s moorland valley’s, babbling brooks & streams cutting through its dramatic landscape.

Designed for easy installation and simple operation, our new Loc and Fold is a sturdy forward facing, folding seat offering great levels of comfort and leg room for all ages.

When not in use, it locks securely away on top of the wheel arch with minimal intrusion into the load area.

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Deployment of the seat is a simple one-handed operation.
A Locking Latch is released with the lever on the back of the frame.  

The weight of the seat is supported by a gas strut allowing it to effortlessly drop down and lock into place.  

A second lever on the side of the seat is lifted to allow the seat back to be raised into position. 

When both seats are in their open position there is only a small gap between them. For passengers to get in and out, one seat must be folded up. 

The seat styling matches our Premium Second Row option and is suitable for both children and adults. 

It features a rake adjustable seat back and height adjustable head rest. The seats also have a handy rear storage pocket, whilst still leave plenty of room behind the seats for bags. 
Available in all of our standard trim styles as well as a bespoke leather options that can be tailored to your specific requirements. 


A three-point seat belt kit is supplied with the seat. The buckle mounts to the seat frame as an integral part and a separate inertia reel mounts to the vehicle. You may need to purchase additional hardware to attach the belt to the vehicle. 

If your vehicle is a hard top, you will need our Seat Belt Rear Top Mounting Bracket EXT220-16 or EXT220-17. These are left or right-handed heavy-duty brackets.

If you have a soft top vehicle, you will need a suitable heavy-duty bar set with integrated seat belt mounts such as our XS Heavy Duty bar set. 


The seat is suitable for Defender 90 and 110 vehicles with square wheel arches. 

Please note that this seat will Not fit in post 2007 Puma vehicles with the cut away wheel arch.  However, many Puma vehicles incorporated the square arches and if your defender has these the seats will fit.  If you are unsure, please contact our sales team for knowledgeable advice. 


Installation of the seat requires drilling of 10 holes.  4 in the floor, 2 in the vertical face of the wheel box and 4 in the top face of the wheel box.

Once fitted in the vehicle you attached the seat to the base frame and attached the gas strut.

A detailed fitting guide is supplied with the seat.  

You can also have you seat installed in our Fitting Centre.  Contact our sales team for details here.


This seat is designed as a more practical and comfortable alternative to the standard load area occasional seating options. It has been tested at Millbrook Proving Ground in accordance with ECE Regulation 17.08, Annex 7. This is a 20g sled test that simulates a forward and rearward impact at 30MPH It is designed to test the integrity of the seat frame assembly and anchor points. Note, it does not consider the structural integrity of the vehicle or seat belt anchorages.  After the test the seat remained full intact and operational.  Full copies of the test report are available upon request.

While every effort has been made to ensure that this seat is robust, it must be noted that this is an aftermarket, retro fit item and you must follow our fitting guide and instructions. If you are unsure or do not wish to install yourself then it’s worthwhile considering our in-house fitting centre where professional fitting service is available. 

Please ensure you read the installation advice carefully before fitting.