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PLEASE READ: Whilst many of our products are normally in stock, for any product not currently available for immediate despatch the lead time could be up to 12 weeks.


Exmoor Trim are the approved OEM supplier for many Military products with direct supply to the MOD for the Land Rover Fleet and other platforms. We retain all the original patterns and drawings for the Wolf Hoods, Seats, Matting System, Tuff Lift, Rad Haz, Insulation panels and the list goes on.
"Keeping our Armed Forces supplied with Quality Parts that endure the toughest of conditions" - Julian Gostling 

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  1. Premium XL Cubby Box
    £235.00 £195.83
  2. R380 Def Front Premium Carpet Set
    £207.18 £172.65
  3. Two Seat Retrim Kit
    £203.69 £169.74
  4. Modular Seat Canvas Cover
    £191.16 £159.30
  5. Defender Canvas Covers Front pair pre 2007
    £169.00 £140.83
  6. Classic High Back Seat Range Second Row
    £150.00 £125.00
  7. Classic Low Back
    £144.00 £120.00
  8. 60/40 seats pre 2007 Defender
    £143.88 £119.90
  9. R380 Def Front Carpet Set
    £143.40 £119.50
  10. LED Smoke Lamp Upgrade Kit
    £141.14 £117.62
  11. LED Colour Lamp Upgrade Kit
    £141.14 £117.62
  12. Door Trim Cover Kit Front Pair Defender
    £130.18 £108.48
  13. Defender Bikini Hoods TD5 - TD4
    £125.71 £104.76
Set Ascending Direction

17 products

per page