Keep our marketing material fresh and dynamic is a constant challenge and is something we forever playing catch-up with. This week Angus Redman and John Pettinger have been organising a new set of ‘lifestyle’ image. The brief for this was to gather a body of work that emphasise the unique use of our customers Land Rover taking into account all ages of vehicle and focusing on the very special part of the world we live in. The images will be used for a verity of marketing solutions including our website and traditional paper media.

To get the best shots posable a pre-dawn start is essential. At 5.00am they climbed to the top of the Exmoor Hills in a pair of Land Rovers, a 1954 Series One and a Tdci Puma One Ten. As the sun crept into the sky the light flood the ground in a warm yellow glow, something that no degree of Photoshop can replicate.

The photoshoot continued for the rest of the day moving on from location to location. Looking to best document the huge variety of landscape we have on our doorstep.

You will surly see some of these shot thought our website any marketing material in the coming months.