Here at Exmoor Trim we are constantly developing new products and improving old ones. Evan with this continues development this product stands out as one of our grate achievements.

We are immensely proud to announce the launch of our new Elite Sports Seat, designed from the ground up to be the ultimate seat for the Land Rover Defender.

Classic sports styling to give you the practicality of a Land Rover and the comfort levels of a Range Rover.

Designed specifically to fit directly into a Land Rover with the same four bolt fittings and your existing Defender seating, the design cleverly utilises the original Defender seat frame ensuring correct fitting and posture with the practicality of everyday use.  You are also positioned directly in line with the steering wheel (unlike other sports seats modified to fit a Defender whereby you are positioned at an angle to the steering wheel) and no mounting brackets are required for these seats.

The seat bases are easily removable in exactly the same way as your original factory-fitted front seats by simply releasing the base unit from the frames and runner mounts, giving clear and easy access to any under-seat storage that may be required for battery, fuse or storage access.


  • Fully bespoke design service available 
  • Ergonomic design for correct posture
  • Off road hold with on road comfort
  • Black hard back one piece moulding
  • Designed for Land Rover driving with lower body hold and upper body movement
  • Heated with switches and loom - OEM direct plug inRemovable seat base as standard
  • Extended  seat base designed for easy access 
  • Higher integral head support
  • Choose from our range of finest Scottish leather 
  • Extended leg support 


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