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Premium High Back 2nd Row Full Set – Oxford Tan Vinyl Vault

Product ID: EXT010-3-VLTOT


Introducing the new Vault Premium High back seats for 110 Station Wagon Defender second row including Puma TDCi.

Inspired by the natural shapes of the rugged environment of Exmoor’s moorland valley’s, babbling brooks & streams cutting through its dramatic landscape.

Designed & manufactured at Exmoor Trim HQ.

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These new style high back seats come with all the hardware you need to install. The seats utilise the existing second row seat belt configuration so there is no need to adapt your outer belts, unless you are upgrading a puma defender then new stalks will be required.

The centre seat will require a lap belt, EXT001-1.

The headrests are height adjustable and easily removable.


  • Extra leg room
  • Rear storage pockets
  • Individual Seat back adjustment
  • Adjustable twin stalk removable headrest
  • Fold down seat backs
  • Easy to install

NOTE: if you are considering installing these seats into a Puma TDCi from 2007 onwards your centre seat belt and outer buckles are part of your seats. You will be required to install a centre second row belt and a pair of floor mounted buckles. You will also require an additional adapter plate to mount the outer seat frames to the wheel arch. They are part number EXT010-PUMA WEDGE.  Please contact our sales team if you are unsure.