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Range Rover Classic Ambla 2 Door Trim Kit, Front Seats and Bench inc foams

Product ID: EXT700-63

Exmoor Trim have developed the classic Range Rover Ambla Leather cloth vinyl.  It is now more commonly referred to “Ambla”.

This cloth was widely used on all early Range Rover Classic seats from 1972 onwards.

In the 1970’s Lew Gostling (the father of Exmoor Trims Chairman, Julian Gostling) was Head of Experimental Trim Department at Land Rover. He was responsible for overseeing the trim and seat development for the Range Rover as well as production planning. Exmoor Trim still retain all the original patterns and the knowledge that comes with them. As a result, we have been able to produce these details correct replacement heritage trim covers for the Range Rover Classic. 

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The Two Seat RRC Re-trim Kit, Ambla  

Consisting of the following:

  • 2 sewn cushion covers
  • 2 sewn squab covers 
  • 2 moulded cushion foams
  • 2 moulded Squab foams
  • 1 two door bench sewn cushion cover
  • 1 two door bench sewn squab cover
  • 1 moulded cushion foam
  • 1 moulded Squab foam
  • 1 wire cushion retaining frame
  • 1 wire Squab retaining frame


Front seats

The centre flute of the covers is bonded to the foams to make the first step of retrimming you seats a little easier.

Trim clips, pivot covers, diaphragms and seat back panels are all available separately if required.

Bench Seat

The covers are supplied trimmed onto the foams with the wire retaining frames installed.  This makes retrimming you bench seat very easy.  You simply remove the existing foams and clip in the new ones then fix in place with self-tapping screws.

If you are not confident re-trimming your front seats, we recommend that you take them to a professional fitter.