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Range Rover Classic Two Door Rear Side Trim Panel Pair (Palomino) Mouldings

Product ID: EXT700-003

Exmoor Trim has reproduced the original tooling to ensure these moulded side trims are correct in every detail. 

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They are moulded with a vac-form process to guarantee quality and above all consistency with the correct heritage look.

This set includes a pair of rear side trim panels for left hand and right hand to fit beside the rear passenger bench seat, up against the wheel arch to create a finished side trim.

Will fit all Classic 2 Door Range Rovers from 1970 onwards.

Exmoor Trim panels are made from durable ABS hard board and trimmed the original way in high quality Palomino vinyl and internal moulded foam for the padded feel at the correct gauge and density. 

We use the ABS board as with all the original wood boards that were moulded, distortion was a common factor. The use of the ABS board means that these high-quality moulded panels cannot distort in the future.

Exmoor Trim panels are supplied with a complete set of OEM trim clips for attaching the cards to the doors correctly. 

We offer an extensive range of interior trim finishers for the Classic Range Rover