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Range Rover Classic Herringbone Front Seat Trim Cover Kit (Pair)

Product ID: EXT700-007

Exmoor Trim have developed the classic Chevron Bronze Cloth as it was referred to in production commonly known as “Herringbone”

This cloth was widely used on all early Range Rover Classic seats from 1972 onwards for many years.
Lew Gostling back in the 70’s was then Head of Experimental trim at Land Rover and was responsible for all the trim and seat development for the Range Rover and  production planning, we still retain all the original patterns used back then and the knowledge that comes with this to produce these correct in detail replacement heritage trim covers for the Range Rover Classic.
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The Two Seat Range Rover Classic Heritage Trim Kit, Herringbone  

Consisting of the following:

·      2 sewn cushion covers

·      2 sewn squab covers

·      4 palomino vinyl patches to trim the corner caps


The replacement covers are designed to fit very good/new foams if your seat foams are worn out and lifeless we cannot guarantee these covers will fit.

This is due to the trim covers being bonded to the face of the seat foams in production. When fitting the new covers, you will need to make sure they are bonded to the foams to achieve the best result.


If you are not confident re-trimming your seats, we recommend that you take them to a professional fitter or you can have your seats restored by Exmoor Trim guaranteeing you get the best result.  

Exmoor Trim offer a "Full Seat Restoration” service. We will take your seats and fully strip every component back to bare metal and repair any damage.  The frames are then beautifully finished with Heritage paint and assembled with new trim covers

We also offer an exchange service. We have available a stock fully restored seats that have been through our "Full Seat Restoration” process.  If this is of interest then please contact our sales team and we can advise if your seats are suitable for exchange. 

We understand that you may wish to have your original seats returned once restored and not use our stock seats this is no problem at all and we are more than happy to ensure this is done.

If over time your seats have been removed, replaced or damaged we do have replacement sets available to purchase outright please ask.


New replacement seat belts are not included in these options, though are available separately and can be installed at the time of production when seats are restored in house.