Restoration at Exmoor Trim

We at Exmoor offer an individual in house restoration service for your old Land Rover seats, interior trim and canvas hoods. Bringing these cherished but some times dogged interiors back to its former days whilst retaining as much as we can of their originality in every detail.

Please call to discuss your individual requirements. 01984 635060



Restoring Series I seats the original way

We have been involved in manufacturing Series I seats and hoods since 1953 with my father Lew Gostling designing many of these classic interiors whilst at Land Rover and seeing through all production as head of experimental trim and trim planning in what was without a doubt a very busy production line.

Today we still use all the same patterns and materials and most importantly we understand the correct process like no other, these skills have been passed down from father to son and this we are very proud of. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your seating requirements and look forward to the opportunity of restoring your Series I trim.



Restoring Series II, IIA seats the original way

Many of the Series II seats were trimmed in Elephant Hide Grey when the trim was introduced into mainstream Land Rover production in 1954, and used to great effect later in the Series II and IIA interiors.

At the time there were on average 1,700 Land Rovers rolling off the production line a week. Taking in to account model variations and seating types, the result was over 1,000 seats a day going through the exceptionally busy trim shop. We now have a material that's a superb reproduction with a highly accurate pattern and grain and gives all of the features that are so important if restoring these historic vehicles, as this classic material has done for over 40 years.

Many of these earlier seats had internal springs instead of foams and restoring these and rebuilding with the correct internal materials and methods is key to a great end result with rubberised horse hair, hessian & wool dacron filler for the best result. It is surprising just what can be restored and the end result and transformation for us is very satisfying and using our skills is what we are about.


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