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107” 2nd Row Bench Back & Cushion Trim Cover Kit (with trimmed back board) - Check Vinyl

Product ID: EXT397-18

107" 2nd Row Bench Back & Cushion Trim Cover Kit (with trimmed back board) Check Vinyl.

This includes the Check Vinyl and trimmed back board only. Foams are sold separately

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£287.75 £239.79
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Exmoor have recently been able to reproduce this ‘Check vinyl’ used in many Series I Land Rover interior from 1954 onwards.

The Check Vinyl has a complicated pattern and texture which we have been able to get 99% accurate the material is simply perfect. The Check Vinyl was mostly used in Station wagons, so for example the 86 & 88” Station wagon and also in particular the 107 & 109” Series I Station Wagon. The trim was used for seating and interior trim parts such as door cards/trim and offers an accurate alternative to Green vinyl and Elephant Hide Grey Vinyl.

The Check Vinyl is available in a wide range of Series I seating and trim kit options and we also offer a full in house restoration service to get these historic interiors back to their former glory.

If you would like a swatch posted to you of this material simply email the office and ask we will be more than happy to send.

Exmoor always paying particular attention to the finer details of restoration.