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Product ID: EXT249-11

This conversion kit gives you the opportunity to convert a 5 door hard top 110 station wagon into the ultimate summer beach cruiser. 

The kit includes a full bar set and drain channels with all the required hardware for fitting as well as a premium quality Stayfast hood.

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The Hood

Designed and manufactured at our factory on the edge of Exmoor, this 110 hood is made from Stayfast which is a superb automotive grade hood fabric. Its three-ply construction makes it extremely stable, durable, and waterproof with very good acoustic performance.

A unique feature of this hood is it padded side curtains and rear quarter panels. At Exmoor Trim we use two layers of Stayfast separated by a layer of insulating closed cell foam. This gives the hood extra rigidity to prevent vibration at higher speeds and helps to reduce the amount of road noise coming into the vehicle, with the ultimate end benefit of a truly high-grade finish.

The hoods are fitted as standard with high quality flexible windows in the side and rear curtain as well as rear quarter light windows.

The hood connects to the body of your Land Rover using aluminium ‘Z’ Channels which are finished in black powder coat and attach just below the body capping using black rivets. The lower edge of the hood is fitted with a sewn in retaining strip that neatly folds into the ‘Z‘channel creating a very clean look with no visible fittings.

The rear curtain is held in place using a locking tailgate bar. This was the standard fitted to all North American Spec soft top defenders with two locking mounting points on either side of the tailgate, which allows easy access to the back of the vehicle without having to open the tailgate (Both clips and bar are supplied with hood).

Both the side and rear curtains are fitted with heavy duty YKK zips for smooth and enduring use, the retaining roll up straps are fitted out with self-locking buckles so they can be securely rolled up and stowed when travelling.

The Bar Set

Manufactured in the UK, this high-quality bar set includes all the hardware required to fit it your vehicle.

The hoops are fabricated from 50mm steel tube, and the entire frame is finished with durable, hardwearing satin powder coat.   

Once the roof, rear door and side panels of your vehicle have been removed, installation of the bars is a straightforward DIY job. We have a detailed fitting video to guide you through the process.

The Bar Set Includes:

  • Front and rear hoops
  • Interim hoop and connecting tie bars
  • B pillar support bar
  • One piece over door drain channels
  • Side of door drain channels
  • Screen rail
  • Tailgate bar and clips
  • Z channels
  • Fitting kit with all the nuts, bolts, washers, and rivets needed for assembly.

Seat Belts

Both the front and rear hoops of the bar set have seatbelt mounts built in. This means you have the upper belt mount and inertia real mounts for both the second row and load area. For the front seats you use the existing mounts on the vehicle B pillar. The load area seat belts mounts are only suitable for forward facing seats such as the Exmoor Time Loc and Fold or the Land Rover Tumble Down Seat.  

Please Note:

If you are converting a 110 Station Wagon, you will need to replace the rear door. The hood and bar set will work with either a swing-away half door or a drop-down tail gate. The Front double hoop of the bar set has three holes for fitting. The Middle and Rear are used for fitment on a 110" and the front hole is for fitment on a 90" vehicle. 


The bar set and hood will be delivery in a large pallet box measuring 1.75 x 1.1 x 0.5 meters