Welcome to our Video page where you can sign up to or follow our Exmoor Trim Youtube Channel or use this page as a handy reference and guidance that's full of very useful tips on how to fit and install your product the way we would do this in-house.

These videos also act as a handy how to do before you purchase, we hope we will give you the confidence to have a go yourself, if not then we do offer an additional full in-house fitting service on request.

If you have any questions please contact us here.


Latest Video

Fitting Videos

Defender Carpet Set

Defender Re-trim Pt. 1

Defender Re-trim Pt. 2

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 1

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 2

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 3

Fitting Series Canvas Hood

Removable Door Tops

Fitting a Loc Box

Fitting Leather Trim to a Door Card

88" Canvas and Hood Stick Kit

Fitting a Cubby Box



Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 1

Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 2

Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 3

Seat Cover Testing

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