Welcome to our Video page where you can sign up to or follow our Exmoor Trim Youtube Channel or use this page as a handy reference and guidance thats full of very useful tips on how to fit and install your product the way we would do this in house.

These videos also act as a handy how to do before you purchase guide and we hope will give you the confidence to have a go yourself, if not then we do offer an additional full in house fitting service on request.

If you have any questions please simply contact us

Fitting Videos

Defender Carpet Set

Defender Re-trim Pt. 1

Defender Re-trim Pt. 2

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 1

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 2

Discovery 1 Re-Trim Pt. 3

Fitting Series Canvas Hood

Removable Door Tops

Fitting a Loc Box

Fitting Leather Trim to a Door Card

88" Canvas and Hood Stick Kit

Fitting a Cubby Box



Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 1

Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 2

Welcome to Exmoor Trim Pt. 3

Seat Cover Testing