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Exmoor Trim Delivery Cost Explanation

The details below give an insight into what charges apply to our products ordered from our website based upon product volumetric weight.

UK Delivery Charges

  • The charges take into consideration some locations in UK where the postcode will incur additional postage charges due to the complexity of delivery.
  • In some cases, product size such as 'hood stick sets' are affected and sent on a different system as these come under our 'over size parcel / 48 Large'.
  • All the delivery charges on this page are subject to VAT at the standard UK rate.

European and International Delivery Charges

  • All Shipments require quotation. All export orders are based on volumetric weight, not actual weight and we endeavour to get you the best price by gaining quotes from several companies.
  • At the time of order, we are only able to give an estimated quotation. When we pack your order, the size and dimensions can vary depending on the products selected, this can affect the end quotation. When the goods are packed for final despatch, we will contact again should any further payment be required.
  • You are the importer of record and are responsible for any taxes that may be due for payment in your particular destination.
  • We can only not charge VAT for Direct Export. If goods are sent through a third party we will need payment of a VAT deposit and this can then be refunded upon proof of export.

Indirect exports and VAT deposits

  • Any shipment collected by a third party to export or sent to an address in the UK to be exported will be subject to a VAT deposit.
  • The VAT deposit will be refunded once proof of export is received.
  • If proof of export per HMRC requirements is not provided within the permitted timescales, the invoice will be credited and re-issued with VAT charged. The deposit will be used to pay the VAT on these invoices and will not be refunded.
  • For more information on VAT deposits and the evidence required please contact our sales team, or visit

UK Armed Forces Serving Soldiers

  • If you are a serving soldier in the British armed forces working overseas in any NATO country, we are able upon presenting the correct documents to deduct VAT from all delivery charges and all goods purchased.