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110" Crew Cab Upgrade Hoods

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Exmoor offers this soft top in a range of colours that we hold in stock in the roll and make to order, so please ask for samples to be sent before you buy if you would like to touch and see the quality and how it looks against your Land Rover as our standard option is Black though we can offer a select range of colours.
Simply call the office to arrange for samples to be sent.

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Our New and improved range of fabric hoods now use Stayfast hooding. The Stayfast hooding is harder wearing, totally waterproof and a step above the Mohair quality, with the addition of very high quality windows that look like a glass panel, along with expanding threads to ensure the hood remains watertight and attention to detail.

110” Crew Cab Hood

Is manufactured in the Stayfast hooding with or without side windows options and rear and front windows as standard to create the classic hard top look. the hood attaches with a flat fixing strip that snap fits into a Z section with no visible fitting once the hood is on creating a very very neat & flush finish and keeps even tension over the length of the hood, the section is very easy to use.

New Crew Cab Hood tailgate

The tailgate section has a simple locking bar system in the hood that locates into the retaining clips either side of the tailgate on the quarter panel top section and allows the tailgate to be opened and closed with ease without the need to release the hood every time you open the back door, whilst also retaining the option to have the side and rear of the hood rolled up. We can also supply a full range of hood stick sets for the 110 Defender Crew Cab.

Key Features

  • Window options
  • Drilling required
  • All fixings included
  • Hoop sets available
  • Fitting guide included 
  • Fits Body fit type hoop sets
  • Zip rear panel for easy access
  • Quality Materials that are easy to clean
  • Supplied with all body fitting Z channels
  • Supplied with Locking Tailgate Bar sections
  • Easy to install estimated 3 hours if Hoop sets are in place
  • Zip sides as standard unless side window options are ordered

The 110" Crew Cab Hood - Body Fit Hood will only fit Defenders with

BODY FIT:- The Hood fits separately from the cab with a window sewn into the front curtain to allow rear view vision. The Hood attaches to the body capping of the rear tub with Twist Fit Clipping. There is no access to the rear boot with this type of hood from the cab compartment window.