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4 Point Auto Kit (including Fitting Kit)

Product ID: EXT001-10

Left or Right Hand. Universal Fit for the 2nd row or our Forward facing Fold up seats.

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Left or Right Hand. Universal Fit for the 2nd row or Exmoor Trim Forward Facing Fold-up seats, if you are using these belts for the rear forward facing Load area seats then you ‘will require' the top mounting mounting brackets.

We offer 2 types of top mounting bracket for rear forward facing seats and highly recommend that you use the heavy duty brackets to job the properly and safely. The Buckle section of belt attaches to the floor with a butterfly clip system so it can be easily removed.

Vehicles usually have this ‘butterfly’ floor mounting clip as factory fitted as these belts can not be fitted without them. If you do not have these clips fitted then they are supplied with this belt when you purchase.

NOTE: we do not recommend use of eye bolts for this application. Exmoor Trim offers an exclusive range of seat belts, specifically designed to fit your Land Rover using OEM parts only.

Safety matters...