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50th Anniversary 90"SV Hood

Product ID: EXT203-1
50th Anniversary - 90" SV Hood (Press Stud Fitting) Full product description
£1,226.38 £1,021.98
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50th Anniversary SV Hood from Exmoor Trim is a superbly finished fitting hood, made from the finest Stay fast hooding material and very heavy duty clear windows. The hood fits in the original way and every care has been taken to keep the hood as original as possible but only using the best materials.

  • The hood attaches to the vehicles Press Stud mounting points along the side and rear of the body. We use Black studs as original.
  • The hood is supplied with the front screen insert already sewn in and our design allows you to fold the hood in half when stowed unlike the original part.
  • We also supply this hood with Alpine and side windows as standard.
  • The side door inserts are also included in the hood
  • By adding all the components you could possibly need you can fit the new exmoor hood straight onto your 50th Anniversary without any hassle in no time at all.

    When ordering this hood be sure that you have got a genuine SV as this will only fit the genuine article and also ensure that you have the press stud fittings as there were two variations of this hood and one will not fit the other!

    The price includes the separate purchase of two Land Rover badges as these were originally sewn on to the each side of the hood just behind the driver and passenger doors.