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86" Fume Curtain

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Series 1, 86" Fume Curtain Full product description
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86/88" Series I Internal Fume Curtain

This fume curtain is made exactly to original patterns

The fume curtain is designed to only fit with a full length hood and the 4 horizontal side buckles on the fume curtain attach to the corresponding buckles and straps on the hood.
Locates over the front hood stick and rests on the bulkhead to separate the driver from the load area with the front roof top section tensioning straps passing down through the horizontal webbings either side of the sewn window and tensioning in the back of the vehicle on the bulkhead
This helps to keeps the heat in and the fumes out of the old soft top Series 1's
This fume curtain is a great addition to any 86" full length soft top and will fit curved hoops
Reproduced from original patterns