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90" Defender Full Stayfast Hoods TD5 - TD4

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Hood attaches to the vehicle with our belt rail kit (Included in the this hood package).

Please Note: WSW is short for ‘With Side Windows’

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Exmoor Trim’s New Range of Top Quality Hoods for the Defender.

The Stayfast hooding is hard wearing, totally waterproof and a step above the Mohair quality, with the addition of very high-quality windows that look like a glass panel, along with expanding threads to ensure the hood remains watertight and attention to detail. We can also supply a full range of hood stick sets for the Defender.

Supplied with a large rear window with options for side windows.

When you convert from hard top to soft top you lose the top mounting points for your seat belts so most customers fit the soft top seat belt bar which mounts behind the driver's seats giving you these additional mounting points: see linked products below.

Be sure to order the correct type of hood to match your aluminium screen rail, left in the image is TD5/TD4 & right in the image is a Standard type with an internal hose and handle clamp fittings(last image at bottom of page).

Exmoor offers this soft top in a range of colours that we hold in stock in the roll and make to order, so please ask for samples to be sent before you buy if you would like to touch and see the quality and how it looks against your Land Rover.