Wolf 90" RRC8709 - Sand

The PVC OEM pattern hoods are a strong and durable cover for the Land Rover WOLF owner who needs a hood that is correct in every detail to the Military spec.



The PVC is OEM and approved for and supplied by Exmoor to the MOD it is IR and FR coated.

This hood fits to the front of the windscreen and goes all the way back to the tailgate. These hoods require the original type fitting Hoop/Bar sets. 

The screen rail must also be the TD5 type with the flat insert strip as fitted from 2000 onwards, it will not fit the earlier type with 4 internal clamping handles, if you have this earlier screen rail fitting you will need to only change part as the remainder of the hoops are the same throughout.

What is PVC & what are the benefits?

PVC is a coated fabric rather than a woven fabric which gives the hood a hardwearing exterior for those long winter months and gruelling weather conditions.

Advantages of the PVC hoods:  

  • Higher resistance to fade due to its high light fastness properties
  • Less likely to shrink
  • Easily washed and can be cleaned with detergent
  • Accessible through the zipped rear curtain and the rear panel which rolls up  
  • 100% waterproof
  • Attaches to the sides with rope or bungee depending on model type
  • Attaches to the tailgate with a bungee fitting
  • Welded windows and seams for durability
  • All PVC hoods have a 3-year warranty (terms and conditions apply)


Fitting Tip: Requires the original type hoop sets to ensure the best fit


Trim Technology in Coventry ceased to trade at the end of 2017 when the production of the Defender finished as they were appointed the original equipment manufacturer for the OEM Defender PVC soft tops. Over many years of production, they supplied just about all the PVC hoods for Military Defenders in the UK and around the globe.

Since that time, Exmoor Trim has stepped up to acquire all the original patterns, master samples and tooling required to manufacture these complicated hoods. All of which were signed off for OEM production and are a real treasure trove of automotive history. 

“It is a privilege that Exmoor Trim is able to keep production of the OEM PVC hoods going, otherwise these parts would be lost forever…” 

Julian Gostling - Chairman.