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Door Trim Cover Kit Front Pair Defender

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Image shows front pair in Diamond XS Leather Bespoke example.

This is a good way for you to upgrade and cover up old and tired door panels, or simply spruce them up, lifting the finish of your whole interior.

The trim covers are very accurate allowing the individual with time and patience to DIY trim your own door cards. If you don’t have the time however, we would recommend take them to a local trimmer / upholsterer for covering as they will have suitable adhesives for the job. The last thing you want is the glue to lift over time especially in hotter and temperate conditions.

The trim covers are available for front and rear side doors only in a range of material with choices from vinyl to top end leather finish. With off the shelf style options or Bespoke on request, you can also choose the colour thread of your choice and leather colours from our Signature range of finest Scottish Leather.

The doors must be the square push button style door cards we do not offer covers for the earlier types.

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When fitting the door trim covers it’s advisable to make sure the doors are clean without traces of interior car cleaning products or oil based chemicals. This “will” reduce the effectiveness of any adhesive used.

At Exmoor we remove all of this with a solvent based product, followed by a light sanding down of the doors to give a better surface to grip onto. This allows the adhesive to bite on. The trim covers don’t need any preparation as these are done already. The back of the vinyl used has a fluffy back which makes it easy to fit and bond with leather being naturally a good bonding material.

We can “NOT" supply glue or solvents with these kits (due to courier restrictions), therefore you will need to as suggested, either find a local upholsterer to fit them for you or DIY with a good contact adhesive do NOT use a spray tin.

The end results are very good with trim options to match your seats and interior.

Or, if you feel this isn’t for you then we do offer an Exmoor in house fitting service. Simply select the covers of your choice followed by the fitting charge depending on the cover selection being Leather or Vinyl and send us your door cards. Our fitting charge is per pair of doors

If you are not able to send we can arrange a collection and delivery service.

We have a fitting video which shows you how to fit these door trim kits. Watch it on our VIDEOS page.