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110" Full Hood Stick Set TD5

Product ID: EXT220-4
110" Full Hood Stick Set TD5-TD4 Full product description
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110 Full Hood Stick Set TD5-TD4

Exmoor Trim supply a high quality range of hood stick sets to fit all variations of Land Rover Hoods.

The full hood stick sets include all parts you need to convert too soft top from hard top but do not include the ‘Body Side Rope Hooks' (Product code EXT221-47) as the majority of vehicles had these factory fitted. If your land Rover does not have these parts pre fitted along the sides of your vehicle, then please ask the sales office to advise on how many you will need to enable you to fit your hood with ropes to the body (these parts are only supplied in raw aluminium state and not painted).

Please also note that once you have removed your hard top you loose your top mounting brackets for seat belt fitting points. For this we only recommend a 'Soft Top Seat Belt bar' (Product code EXT500-1) as a replacement for this fitting. We do not recommend fitting any seat belts to a Hood stick set they are NOT strong enough for this job.

We have a fitting video on our website showing online how to install a hood stick set and the principals apply to all hoop sets.

You will also need to modify the rear door to a half door if converting from hard top as all soft tops only fit with a tailgate rear door option (we do not supply these).

Please also note that all main supporting hood sticks are higher than the hard top as the centre of the hoops continually curve making the hoops on average 75 to 80mm higher than the centre point of your hard top, so double check before converting that this does not infringe on where your vehicle is stored prior to conversion.

If when you receive your hoop sets there is anything you are not sure of, please do call our technical department for advise.

Although we supply the complete kit we still offer the restorer individual components from a single hoop, drain channel to a rope hook.