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90" Full Hood Khaki Canvas WSW TD5/TD4 Only

Product ID: EXT202-10KHC

90" Full Hood Khaki Canvas WSW TD5/TD4 Only

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Fits from the windscreen to the rear of the vehicle on all Short Wheelbase 90” Defenders 

We are fortunate to retain all the original drawings for these hoods dating back to production and original design, enabling us to still manufacture the correct hood.

Today we still follow the same methods of manufacture and ensure that the Hoods are correct to the OEM fitted parts of that era.-

All Later type Defender Full Hoods from the year 2000 Onwards so this includes TD5 & the later Puma type Defenders had an internal Flat Rigid Plastic Strip sewn to the front of the hood, this was held in place by a screen rail that bolted to the windscreen top face with a grove/slot in the forward edge that the sewn in insert slotted into this held the hood in place very securely.

Please note: This hood will only fit this later type of screen rail. 

We use a high-grade window to reduce the risk of cracking or smoking and all our windows are edge finished with the correct tape that was used in production to finish the inside face.

All the buckles and tips are solid brass and we only use nickel plated brass eyelets. 

All our 90” Defender Post 2000 Full Hoods have a Large rear window as standard and we also offer the option of “WSW” With Side Windows. Whichever version you choose we make sure that the same rollup straps are used which enable you to roll up the sides and the rear panels when required, a truly great way to enjoy a Land Rover.

Please note that as with all Short Wheelbase hoods if you choose the WSW option it has one window per side panel so a total of three windows.

We use a 100% Natural Cotton Fibre for Exmoor Canvas Hoods and we have a lot of input into this material at the point of production. Exmoor’s 18oz Natural Cotton Canvas over the years has changed with many of the old chemicals used in the past, no longer being used.  

The Chemicals we now use are very environmentally based and many are organic, for us this is a big factor and part of our environmental strategy. 

We appreciate that this does reduce the life span of the product compared to the heavily treated canvas of the past.

We pre-shrink the canvas and this helps to reduce the onward shrinkage when the product is in use, however if the hood when fitted is not kept lashed down in wet conditions shrinkage can occur please read the fitting instructions and care guide notes and watch our very handy video for fitting the correct way.

We see many hoods poorly fitted so watching our fitting guide to aid the life of your hood is a good tip.

These Original pattern hoods are designed to fit Original Galvanised style hoop sets.

As with all 100% Natural Fibre product it will fade over time and will have some shrinkage, the patterns allow for shrinkage and to increase the life span of your Exmoor hood make sure you follow the care instructions with the do’s and don’ts.