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Radiator Muff Cover MOD Approved Olive PVC

Product ID: EXT244-2
MOD Approved Olive PVC Full product description
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MOD Approved Olive PVC

The cover is designed to be closed at night or when parked to protect the radiator from extreme weather or whilst of road to stop ingress of muck, water and mud into the radiator.

Whether it be to stop snow, mud or muck clogging up your radiator or ingress of excess water while wading across a small river, this muff is designed for the most rugged environments.

It also offers protection in the cold and reduced warm up time in chilly conditions by reducing the flow of colder air into the radiator, essential when its below zero.

NOTE: Ensure to open the Rad Muff for extended periods of running/driving time unless in extremely cold environments.

Front panels roll up and down and will also fit vehicles wityh Air Con.

There is no drilling required and the Radiator Cover simpy clips on