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Extreme Hi-Back MKII

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Extreme Hi-Back MKII

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Offering an easy upgrade for the earlier Series and MOD early Defenders.

These new Hi-Back Extreme seats install straight into your existing mountings, offering a good cost effective seat that looks the part and is the part.

With a very good all round comfort level and twin stalk adjustable headrest that can be easily removed with the quick release retaining tabs (as shown in image). The Hi-Back Extreme seats offer raised sides to the cushion shape giving that much needed extra hold and support from the old leaf spring ride. Large rear pockets as standard.

Please note that the seat backs are all steel internal frames with adjustable headrests and internal diaphragms for a solid and safe seat.

The seat bases will fit in exactly the same way as the original seats fitted, you may or may not require Leather straps for seat back or base this will depend very much on which vehicle they are to be installed. If you have adjustable seat frames (on sliders) then you will not require any base straps if your cushions are loose then a 140mm leather strap will be required if you are not able to remove and utilise the old one.

The seat backs mount into the original frames with 1/4 UNF Collar pivot bolts with plastic wear washers and locking bolt depending on the frame in-situ, these are supplied new with the seats.

You may require a Leather retaining strap for the seat back if you don't have slider units to keep the seat back upright when not in use, for this you would require 100mm leather straps

You may also need bulkhead buffers to fit either to the back of the seat where required or preferred to the bulkhead or seat back bar in 109 station wagons.

All these extra bits you can choose from the related products below for ease.

These seats Cannot Be Heated with either Exmoor Heaters or OEM.