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110" High Capacity Hood Sand Canvas (WSW)

Product ID: EXT212-6SAC
110" High Capacity Hood. This hood will also fit a 109" high capacity Land Rover.

Note: WSW is short for ‘With Side Windows’

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£461.70 £384.75
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110" High Capacity Hood

Our skilled staff understand exactly what is required and ensure that all our hoods are made with care and attention to detail.

Quality Canvas Canvas is the new benchmark set by Exmoor Trim when using a 100% natural cotton fibre. Canvas has many pitfalls and by using modern manufacturing techniques and proofing we have reproduced the original colour, greatly reduced shrinkage and retained all the crucial features that all our customers have come to expect from an Exmoor Trim hood.

1. A tighter weave giving superior rain proofing and durability.

2. Accurate colour matching to original colours with archived canvas samples.

3. Vat dyed ensuring the colour has penetrated all the way through the cotton canvas.

4. Improved colourfast rating. Ensuring that the natural UV fading takes longer to occur especially in hot climates.

5. Cold water shrinkage of the natural cotton fibre greatly reduced.

Warp being - 2.5% Weft being - 1.0%(warp and weft is the direction of the weave strands). Standard canvas being about 3.5% on the warp and 3% on the weft.