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Series One 80" Door Cards - Pair

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Beautifully hand made in Somerset these 80” Canvas Door Cards will give lots of great storage in your Series One.
NO drilling required and simple to install.

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The 80” Canvas Door Cards from Exmoor are designed for easy instillation without the need to drill or rivet to the doors.

The door cards are left and right handed and sold as a pair in either heritage Sand canvas or Khaki with quality leather work.
To fit, simply separate the door top from the door bottom, line up the door card Leather Tabs to locate the door card neatly around the door latch and clear a hole in the top leather tabs for the retaining tube and bolt to go back through, this then traps the tabs between door top and bottom with a rigid insert to keep them held in shape.
If you wanted to use the door cards with the door tops off then simply put a long bolt and larger washer in the retaining holes to keep them in place.

Each 80” Door Card has a large main satchel pocket with closing straps
Top leather mounting tabs

- Leather Suede wear patches for the door handle
- Top smaller pocket
- Pair of lower double pockets
- Large lower pocket beside seat box
- In total an extra ten pockets of handy storage.