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NAS (North American Specification) Full Hood

Product ID: EXT249-7

Between 1994 and 1997, Land Rover produced a run of vehicles specifically designed to meet regulations in the US. One of these models was the D90 soft top with a unique padded roll cage.

Hand crafted at our factory on the edge of Exmoor, our new hood is a direct replacement designed to work specifically with the NAS Cage and over door five stud bars.

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The hood is made from Stayfast which is a superb automotive grade hood fabric. Its three ply construction makes it extremely stable, durable and waterproof with very good acoustic performance.

A unique feature of this hood is it padded side curtains and rear quarter panels. At Exmoor Trim we use two layers of Stayfast separated by a layer of insulating Neoprene type foam.  This gives the hood extra rigidity to prevent vibration at higher speeds and helps to reduce the amount of road noise coming into the vehicle, with the ultimate end benefit of a truly high grade cleaned out finish.

The hoods are fitted as standard with high quality flexible windows in the side and rear curtain as well as rear quarter light windows.

The hood connects to the body of your Land Rover using aluminium ‘Z’ Channels which are finished in Black and attach just below the body capping using black rivets for a plush fitting. The lower edge of the hood is fitted with a sewn in retaining strip that neatly folds into the ‘Z‘ channel creating a very clean look with no visible fittings.

The rear curtain is held in place using a locking Tailgate bar. This was the standard fitted to all NAS soft top defenders with two locking mounting points on either side of the tailgate. This allows easy access to the back of the vehicle without having to open the tailgate (Both clips and bar supplied with hood).

Both the side and rear curtains are fitted with heavy duty YKK zips for smooth and enduring use, the retaining roll up straps are fitted out with self-locking buckles so they can be securely rolled up and stowed when travelling.

The Exmoor NAS hood has attachable sections that fit around the door aperture and can be simply adjusted to fit your exact door surround giving the user a much better opportunity to get a decent seal on the driver and passenger door tops, aided by flexible stiffeners sewn into the front sections.

Please note: this hood will only fit genuine NAS padded roll cages with 5 Stud over door bars, see photographs.

The design also allows for the door closure panels to be easily removed so if you have upgraded from the NAS 5 stud over door bars to the standard defender over door and side drain channels the hood will still fit perfectly.

This Hood will also fit a 50th Anniversary soft top, however you will need to fit the Z Channel supplied with the hood in replacement of the Black Press Studs, otherwise the hood is identical in every detail.

The front of the hood is designed to fit a TD5 Front screen rail. These are available separately if required, EXT221-37.

The hood is supplied with the ‘Z’ Channel kit and tail gate bar