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Pneumatic Lumbar Support

Product ID: EXT010-1
Pneumatic Lumbar support for adjustable lumbar area. Full product description
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Pneumatic Lumbar support for adjustable lumbar area.

Do you fancy adding that extra to your seat that makes all the difference? Then this is the time to consider installing the lumbar supports into the seats. Fitting of these items is complimentary at the time of manufacture and can’t easily be retro fitted at a later date in many of our seats. So make sure, if you are considering these as an option, that you order these at the same time as your seats.

The Pneumatic Lumbar is a great addition, giving the driver or passenger the option to adjust the seat back centre support pad to suit your own required shape and position.

The lumbar pad inflates simply by squeezing the inflatable ball until you reach the desired shape and to release the pressure simply press the button infront of the ball.