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Black Puma Acoustic Moulded Matting System

Product ID: EXT009-25
PUMA Moulded Matting System 2007 onwards Full product description
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PUMA Moulded Matting System 2007 onwards

This is the only front matting system available that is approved by Land Rover and the Ministry of Defence. This kit has proved itself to be up to the job time and time again. Supplied as a 2 piece kit in Black with the floor & tunnel in one piece with the seat box totally covered.

The seat box section will require cutting to allow access to the storage sections and gear box access plate. You will also need to clear the holes to suit your vehicles required seat mounting points or any other equipment you may have installed.

The Black Moulded Matting System has been specifically designed to increase ride comfort by greatly reducing heat and road noise. The 2 piece matting system is manufactured entirely from black cast dense polyurethane using precision injection mould tooling.

The black floor matt is a one piece floor section that covers the driver's / passenger's foot-wells and the gearbox tunnel. This design feature ensures maximum soundproofing and heat suppression.

The black one piece seat box cover encases the 3 open sides of the seat box to also greatly reduce noise and heat. Once the supplied firewall section is installed sound and heat reduction will be drastic.

The kit is available for Series IIs & IIIs standard gearbox and for all Defenders both with *LT77, R380 and *ZF Automatics & the new Puma

*NOTE: Some trimming is required when installing the Black Moulded Matting Systems in 90s and 110s and the seat box cover is one piece and will require specific fitting.

Exmoor Trim also offers a kick plate and seat box soundproofing rubber hardura kit with an acoustic foam backing as originally fitted to Defenders. This is a great and very simple kit to install with good acoustic properties and great value as an alternative option.

Key Features:

Water repellent - Flame retardant- Black spec - Supplied as a 2 piece kit - Extra thick cast rubber on average1/2" thick - The whole mat is one piece from one side to the other - The bulkhead section is simple to install and is held in place by floor section - The driver's and passenger's foot well have noise suppression foam panels underneath - The seat box section is also one piece and will require cutting to suit your particular vehicle