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Radiator Muff Cover

Product ID: EXT244-1
Defender Radiator Muff Full product description
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Defender Radiator Muff

The New Rad-Muff is designed to fit all Defenders from the very 1st to very last with the classic standard plastic grill. There is no need for any drilling to fit this cover with a fitting time of between 15 to 30 minutes depending on vehicle model.

Made from high quality Black Coated Hooding which can be washed clean and hard wearing.

  • Remove Grill
  • Remove Land Rover decal badge
  • Clip on Rad-Muff with front flap closed
  • Once fitted open flap and roll up but ensure that the flap is rolled up underneath as in images so to stop mud and water being held
  • You can now offer up to vehicle and fix mountings back again
  • Once fitted the Land Rover decal will clip back into place through the location hole.

    If you do not have a Land Rover decal badge they are available on our site or from any Land Rover dealer with a part number MXC6402.

    Protects the Defender Radiator from mud and water whilst off-roading or wading and greatly reduces the risk of clogging up the radiator Flutes Also ideal for cold weather conditions to help protect against snow and ice in the winter

    Will also fit vehicles with Air Con.

    There is no drilling required and the Radiator Cover simply clips on