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Range Rover Classic Spare Wheel Cover Carpet

Product ID: EXT700-56

Please Note: All RRC products photographed in these images are sold seperately.

The 2 or 4 door early type pre 1984 Range Rover carpet cover is very much part of this vehicles distinctive interior look and to keep the heritage correct we have gone to the extremes of searching for the correct grade and tuft of carpet. 

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With Lew Gostling’s knowledge we have been able to work with the company who originally produced the carpet back in the 70’s and with their expertise we have developed the correct Bronze carpet for the era. The carpet is superb and correct in every detail.  We are fortunate enough to still have some original templates from the 70’s and with the knowledge we have we were able to get the carpet correct.

Bound with dark tan vinyl with nice detail stitching to finish off the carpets.

This all comes together to give high quality and authentic wheel cover.

Suitable for wheels up to 710mm (28 inches) in diameter and 200mm (8 inches) in depth.