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Range Rover Classic

Our synergy with the Classic Range Rover goes back to 1970 when Lew & Bert Gostling both worked on many of the key features of this classic design that’s so highly sought after and admired today. Bert Gostling was instrumental in most of the body panels and chassis design and the introduction of many other key features. Lew Gostling was Head of Experimental Trim & developed the interior trim on the Classic Range Rover.  The Velar seats at the time were groundbreaking “in mould” technology & Lew also developed the trim on the later 4 door models. Exmoor Trim still retains all the original Range Rover Classic patterns and has gone to great lengths to launch this fantastic range of authentic interiors with many new hard to come by items still in development. The range has been produced from all our historical data and the knowledge that we have; this enables us to offer interior trim parts that are as good as the original. The development of the tooling for many of these old trim parts to ensure that accuracy is consistent with the era, materials and fabrics have been a real challenge to get right, working with a number of the original suppliers 
"Tracking them down has been a wonderful journey that Lew and myself have thoroughly enjoyed". 
Julian Gostling 

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  1. Range Rover Squab Pin White
    £2.82 £2.35
  2. Range Rover Classic Clips QTY 20
    £14.40 £12.00
  3. Range Rover Classic Gear Knob
    £23.94 £19.95
  4. Range Rover Classic Transfer Knob
    £25.80 £21.50
  5. Range Rover Sqaub Diaphragm
    £52.20 £43.50
  6. Range Rover Classic Seat Diaphragm
    £52.20 £43.50
  7. Range Rover Classic Mat Set
    £58.98 £49.15
  8. Range Rover Classic Palomino Headrest
    £141.84 £118.20
  9. Range Rover Classic Back With Pockets
    £202.20 £168.50
Set Descending Direction

30 products

per page