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Rear Bench 3 Man - Seat Covers

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Rear Bench 3 Man. Per Seat Cover Nylon Full product description
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Rear Bench 3 Man. Per Seat Cover Nylon

Waterproof Seat Covers. Nylon waterproof seat covers from Exmoor Trim are manufactured from an exclusive waterproof material that is totally non slip. This means that you won’t slide off the seat and the cover won’t slide on the seating fabric. All our waterproof seat covers are specifically tailored to fit each seat. This guarantees they will enhance the interior unlike a baggy seat cover.

Do you require seat belts on your rear bench seats? as our waterproof seat covers do have opening slots for the belts to pass through for easy use

Please note, the main image shows a 3 man bench seats and the extra images show what the cover looks like fitted to a bench seat.