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Butterfly Mounting Clip

Product ID: EXT001-15

Used to create a floor mounting fitting that allows the second row centre and outer inertia belts webbing and buckle to snap fit to the floor.

The clip can be used to fit the following seatbelts:

  • EXT001-10 - The 4 Point Inertia Seat belt
  • EXT001-2 - The 2nd Row Lap Belt
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£6.26 £5.22
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2 x Butterfly Mounting Clips will fit a full set of Second Row Seats.

1 x Butterfly Mounting Clip will fit a pair of Forward facing Fold-up Seats.

The price is for one Butterfly Mounting Clip including the load plate, serrated washer and nut.

Please NOTE: that you may not require some of the under floor fittings if a factory fitted mounting position is in your vehicle, however we send them anyway just in case you need them.