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Series 1 86" Style Back Full Seat Set Tygan Vinyl

Product ID: EXT395-1TY


Series I 86" Style Back Full Seat Set Tygan Vinyl

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The 86" style back seats have a pressed steel internal frame that Exmoor Trim have reproduced the tooling for. These style of seats were used in the hay day of the Series I 86". We also manufacture the mounting brackets. Hessian finish on the underside and trimmed in the correct colour vinyl with top stitched face border. 

Hand built seats to be close to the originals, with internal ash frames, high density foam to reproduce the correct weight and feel of the old style Dunlopillow internal.

Made with Tygan material by Exmoor Trim which was used in Land Rover production from 1954 to 1958 and mostly used on export vehicles, Station wagons 86” & 107” (inc 88” & 109” series one). Discover how we re-introduced Tygan material here.