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Series Front Premium Carpet Set

Product ID: EXT021-18

PLEASE NOTE: if you have fitted other aftermarket sound insulation products we can not guarantee the fitting of the premium carpet set, however we have found that in general as long as the additional insulation isn't too thick approximately up to 5mm the carpets still fit but may require some additional trimming off on some edges and floor mats would be a much tighter fit. Please bear this in mind and note that this is just a precautionary comment and we can not guarantee the above is correct as their are so many insulation type products.

All our carpet sets will NOT fit over the Moulded Matting Systems.

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Series II, IIA & III 88" Full Premium Front Carpet Set Ebony

Series II & III Front Carpet Sets, Quality Carpet, Quality Finish, Superb fitting and easy to install with good soundproofing creating a truly great kit which will transform your entire interior. This complete vehicle package is available for all short wheel base Series and carpets the entire vehicle front to back with precision cut panels covering all the wheel arches and seat box alike with all mounting points and storage clear (left and right hand drive options).

Front Carpet Set Includes:

  • Pair of insulated floor mats with moulded rubber heel mats on both sides
  • Gear box tunnel insulated with gear shift vinyl gaiters
  • Bulkhead panel
  • Pair of kick plates
  • Under dash panels to finish around the pedals for left and Right hand drive options
  • Pair of seat box carpets insulated that cover the entire seat box with access panels and seat mounting points pre cut
  • Push stud fittings 
  • Special heat double sided tape kit which is to reduce our impact on the environment, we therefore no longer use spray glue

*Please note all our carpets are BLACK