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Series I- 80" Spade Back Full Set 1948 to 1951

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SI 80 Spade Back Full Set - 1948 to 1951

PLEASE NOTE: All fitting are metric (M6)

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Series I 80" Spade Back

Spade back seats are the very early 80" style seating with the typical Spade back shape to the seat backs, The internal frame on these are Aluminium as original and we still supply the mounting brackets if you need these for your restoration. Internal foams trimmed in green vinyl finish thats very close to the original coloration and grain impression with the classic piped border that defines the outer shape.

Hand built using many original methods, with internal ash frames, our new reproduction Dunlopillow high density foam to reproduce the correct weight and feel of the old style Dunlopillow internals. Hessian finish on underside and trimmed in the correct colour vinyl with Piped edges. All the backs are made to match and available in full sets or individually along with all mounting hardware & 80 " seat base buffers / locators.

Please note that the 80" seat bases are not supplied with seat base locators there are two of these per seat base and this locates the seat bases into the seat box holes on top of the seat box.

all our Series I seats are available individually as backs and cushions if you don’t require a full seat sets.