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Series I, II & III

These are the traditional green vinyl and Elephant hide vinyl in the standard trim options for Series I, and we also offer Fire tender red and RAF blue to keep these models original.

For Series II and III the traditional Black, Grey and Elephant hide vinyl.

Exmoor Trim Green Vinyl Series I,II,III Swatch

Series One Green Vinyl

Exmoor Trim Red Vinyl Series I,II,III Swatch

Fire Tender Red 

Exmoor Trim RAF Blue Vinyl Series I,II,III Swatch

RAF Blue

Exmoor Trim Elephant Hide Vinyl Series I,II,III Swatch

Elephant Hide Grey 

Exmoor Trim Dark Grey Vinyl Series I,II,III Swatch

Dark Grey Vinyl

Defender Trims 90/110/127/130

This is almost the entire range that Land Rover ever produced from black and Grey Vinyl through to Techno and XS Black Rack and Full Leather.Whether you are looking to keep your interior original spec or upgrade, there is a material here to do that. We can also offer our “Bespoke” trim to completely change the look of your interior to a bespoke finish.

Bridge of Weir finest Scottish Leather upgrade:We are pleased to announce that we now only use the finest Scottish Leather on all our seating. After searching for quality worldwide we have stayed 100% UK using the oldest leather producers in Europe. ‘Bridge of Weir’ Leather have just celebrated their 175th Birthday with sole supply to Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, BA and the list goes on. We are just as proud to support this great Scottish product where the quality speaks for itself. If you would like to receive swatches of our leather range just ask or add to your basket.

Swatch books are a fully refundable, we charge out at cost to cover all UK postage and if you place an order or return the swatch books you receive a 100% refund.

We offer two types of leather finish:

  • The Grampian which has a more textured grained finish
  • The Caledonian which has a smoother Nappa soft finish

The majority of Defender interiors are in the Grampian finish however we can produce seats and trim for any personalisation request.

Exmoor Trim Dark Grey Vinyl Defender Swatch

Dark Grey Vinyl

Exmoor Trim Denim Twill Vinyl Defender Swatch

Denim Twill

Exmoor Trim Techno Defender Swatch


Exmoor Trim G4 Defender Swatch


Exmoor Trim Black Span Mondus Defender Swatch

Mondus Cloth

Exmoor Trim Black Span Defender Swatch

Black Span

Exmoor Trim XS Black Rack Defender Swatch

XS Black Rack

Exmoor Trim Black Leather Defender Swatch

Black Leather

Exmoor Trim Diamond XS Defender Swatch

Diamond XS Leather

Exmoor Trim Diamond Black XS Defender Swatch

Diamond Black

Exmoor Trim Diamond Red XS Defender Swatch

Diamond Red

Exmoor Trim Diamond White XS Defender Swatch

Diamond White

Exmoor Trim Diamond Black XS Leather Defender Swatch

Diamond Black

Black Span Mondus

Exmoor Trim Grampian Swatch Book

Grampian Swatch Book

Exmoor Trim Caledonian Swatch Book

Caledonian Swatch Book

Hooding Canvas

The “Deep weave Canvas” is available in Sand, Khaki, Blue to the exact original colour as a traditional canvas hood for Classic Land Rovers or Black as well as the military Olive Drab these all fit with the traditional rope and buckle fixings.

You can upgrade to our “Stay-fast” hoods in Black, Navy, Green or Sand these have either “J” clip or Tenax studs. The “Stay-fast” hooding is a far superior material than the traditional cotton canvas and is very hardwearing without fading or natural shrinkage.

These look superb on top end vehicles

Exmoor Trim Sand Hooding Canvas Swatch

Sand Canvas

Exmoor Trim Kahki Hooding Canvas Swatch

Khaki Canvas

Exmoor Trim Stayfast Hooding Canvas Swatch

Stayfast Hooding


Seat Covers

Welcome to the swatch section for Nylon and Canvas seat covers.

We have several colours with 2 main fabric choices the “Nylon” fabric is available in either Black or Grey and the “Canvas” cover available in either Grey, Sand or Black with the canvas covers being a completely tailored finish with the stitching over-locked and piped edges to give a quality look to the finish which are great In hotter climates or overland expedition..

Exmoor Trim Black Canvas Seat Cover Swatch

Black Cotton Canvas Seat Cover

Sand Cotton Canvas Seat Cover

Exmoor Trim Black Nylon Seat Cover Swatch

Black Nylon Waterproof Seat Cover Fabric 


Exmoor Bespoke

We can offer a complete interior package with the premium carpet set, door cards and dash panels. We can use various stitching which can be in an accent colour to make it a more visible detail. We also offer the more traditional piped edges, again in contrasting colours or to pick out the vehicle body colour whilst also offering embroidered personalised logos in the headrests or back flutes.

Exmoor Trim Mulberry Red and Black Canvas Bespoke Swatch

Burgundy Red and Black Leather

Exmoor Trim Diamond Grey Bespoke Swatch

Diamond Grey & Cornflower Blue Leather

Exmoor Trim Diamond Green Bespoke Swatch

Diamond Green Leather / Green Stitch

Exmoor Trim Dynamica Red & Black Leather Bespoke Swatch

Dynamica Red & Black Leather

Exmoor Trim Saddle Tan Leather Bespoke Swatch

Saddle Tan Leather

Exmoor Trim Diamond Black Leather Bespoke Swatch

Diamond Black Leather / White Stitch

Exmoor Trim Diamond Red Leather Bespoke Swatch

Diamond Red Leather / White Stitch

Exmoor Trim Grey Leather Bespoke Swatch

Grey Leather / White Stitch