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Puma Premium Upgrade Trim Kit

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These trim kits from Exmoor are the best and most affordable way to upgrade your Puma seats. They transform your standard seats into a sporty top end look with ease and without the need to alter or buy any new frame work.

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So how does this Exmoor kit work?

It’s so simple in its design, you just need to follow these simple stages to get a great result, the kit is made to be precise with professional tooled foams and conversion stalks.

  • Release headrest and remove
  • Remove existing trim and seat back foams, leaving the headrest black inserts in place.
  • Insert and lock into place 2 x Headrest adapter bars that are supplied with the kit
  • Mount new foams onto the seat back frame with the headrest adapters giving the internal strength for the extra height Premium back foam.
  • Once in place fit the new trim covers of your choice be it vinyl or Leather as with fitting guide supplied.
  • The seat base foams are replaced as our foams are far far better than the OEM foams and last much longer.
  • Fit new foams in, trim bases and thats it done.
  • We estimate that 1 seat will take 2 to 3 hours if you have not done one before.

The Kit contains all the parts you need to convert 2 seats, the kit fits left or right hand drive.

Make sure before you order this kit that your front seats do have twin stalk headrests, other wise this kit will not fit, if you are still not sure call the sales office or send an image and we can advise.

This is a good time to install Exmoor heater kits, we also offer a great range of Nylon or Canvas Seat covers to protect your now upgraded Premium Puma seats.


  • 2 x Premium Puma Back Foams
  • 2 x Base Foams
  • 2 x Headrest Adapters
  • Trim Cover Kit in trim of your choice
  • 2 x Retaining beads
  • Trim pins
  • Trim ties

Please note: due to shipping restrictions we can no longer include Glue in our kits, if you are in the UK then you are able to purchase glue from the linked products below and we can deliver with the upgrade kit.