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Seat Heaters (Pairs only) inc wiring loom & high/low Switches

Product ID: EXT010-2
The New Defender Seat Heater Kit

Please note the large pad is for fitment to the back of the seat and the small pad for the seat base.

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This heater kit has been designed and produced exclusively for Exmoor Trim, we have developed this great and very hard wearing kit.

“keeping you warm wherever you go” is a real luxury in many Land Rovers and this easy to install two seat heater kit is up to the job.

The heater kit is supplied as a 2 seat kit with two x base pads and two x back pads and a cleverly designed wiring loom with handy short and high/low switch modules. We also include a clear fitting guide with easy to follow instructions. It also includes how to dismantle your seats and install heaters should you wish to install yourself. There is also a video online.

The self adhesive pads are the exact size for Defender seats and thin enough not to show through the finished trim cover once installed. They are made from a very durable outer fabric that’s easy to bond and protects the seat and the internal heater wiring, from the rigours of Land Rover life!

The pad wires, once installed, leave the seat and plug together very simply beneath the seat base, out of sight,with all wiring encased in a tidy black tube finish that blends in with any interior. The main loom is simply taken to a live feed which can be direct or through the ignition process. Each seat has its own loom as opposed to a single feed.

The switches have a short end lead and plug to the main loom, this enables our switches to be fitted to the seats, console or dash with ease and a simple round hole allows the switches to be clicked into place.

The switches illuminate when ON with a 3 stage switch showing high setting, stand by and low setting and are thermostatically controlled with a pre-set temperature.

If you have any other questions or are considering fitting into other vehicles please do phone or email.