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Range Rover Classic Seat Diaphragm

Product ID: EXT317-RR1-DIA
Classic Range Rover
OEM part number for ref only FF002574
Please Note: This product will only fit early type of Range Rovers. 


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Range Rover Classic Diaphragm has been correctly reproduced from the original parts, the diaphragm is a rubber panel that spans the seat base and clips into the original retaining points just as the old one does now. The diaphragm rubber is designed to give and stretch a little to improve the ride on and off road.

We do highly recommend that you consider replacing this part especially if you are completing a restoration project as the difference that this makes to the ride and comfort levels are huge and not to be under estimated.
To install the part you do need to remove the seat from the vehicle and release the sewn trim cover border from the frame where it has been attached with Trim clips, these are best removed by tapping them off gently with a flat head screwdriver and a small hammer (go steady) especially if your putting the same covers back on again. 
RRC Front Seat Cover Retention Trim Clips (pack of 20) are available should you need them
Remove the old diaphragm which should be fairly easy to do as quite often they have very little retention left, however fitting the new ones does require a bit of pull to get the new metal tabs into the holes, once done you will see the difference straightaway.
The same diaphragm will fit either the driver or the passenger seat base.
Please note these do NOT fit the driver or passenger squabs only the cushion bottoms, if you require the squab diaphragms please see our listing for (Pirelli webbing diaphragm)
If you have any questions please do ask.