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Range Rover Classic Palomino Headrest

Product ID: EXT700-034

The Replacement Range Rover Classic early type Headrest in Palomino Vinyl by Exmoor is a very accurate reproduction of the old moulded headrest.

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The original Headrests were a moulding and very solid to the touch with very little give at all. The Palomino Headrest matches the vinyl used with the Herringbone trim option.

Exmoor has invested in accurate tooling to produce a very authentic replacement headrest with a softer moulded foam and correct metal work so the headrest will fit perfectly every time and easy to install.

The Headrest is supplied as a ready to install finished unit thats beautifully trimmed and very accurate in stitch detail and materials used.

All Range Rover Classic seats have the mounting holes in the rear of the seat frame even if they were not installed at the time of manufacture as they were an additional extra! 

Available as a single Headrest.