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Range Rover Classic 2 Door Rear Seat foams (2 piece)

Product ID: EXT700-39

Exmoor Trim have developed our own exclusive range of classic replacement foams for the early Range Rover.

These Foams were widely used on all early Range Rover Classic seats from 1972 onwards for many years. This relates to all options that superseded the KitKat type velar seats and used as standard for all Herringbone, Ambla, Teddy Bear and Leather seat options. 

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The Range Rover Classic 2 Door Rear Seat Foams are the perfect way to restore your seats, even if you wish to retain your original trim covers and just put life back into the tired foams. 

The Kit Includes:

  • Rear 2 Door Squab Foam
  • Rear 2 Door Cushion Foam
  • Rear Squab Foam Retaining Wire Frame
  • Rear Cushion Foam Retaining Wire Frame
The 2 Door Cushion Foams
Offer far greater support and the foam density is very good for a well balanced ride, the foams are a large one piece moulding and supplied with a new rear wire frame that’s held in place by the trim covers and then used to mount to main body of the rear seat base with the retaining screws into the frame tabs, exactly how they were done for years.
The 2 Door Squab Foams 
Offer good all round back support and attention to detail of styling for the classic look was paramount to achieve the best result, we have even added the rear wire mounting frame to this foam section to complete the whole package.
Another great product for the Range Rover Classic restorer to achieve a consistent high quality finish to any restoration be it professionally led or enthusiast.
These Foams do not accommodate arm rests on the rear seats

In the 1970’s Lew Gostling (the father of Exmoor Trims Chairman, Julian Gostling) was the Head of Experimental Trim at Land Rover. He was responsible for all the trim and seat development for the Range Rover as well as production planning. Exmoor Trim still retain all the original patterns and the knowledge that comes with them. As a result, we have been able to produce these detail correct replacement heritage Foam Kits using data from old drawings and scans of genuine old stock foams that had never been used in our stores.